Food Safety

The greatest challenge of producing professional food to the masses either in a cooperate setting or an event is avoiding food poision.

Here at bendel cataring Services we adhere strictly to all food safety measures, ranging from food storage which include storing of food using the right temperature and avoiding cross contamination.

The greatest element and the greatest challenge in preparing and serving safe food and beverage is the human element, here at Bendel Catering Services we train all our staffs on importance of personal hyginen in relation to the food production industry this includes cutting of nails, prohibition of jelwry, covering of hair among others.

Bendel Catering Services also guard against foreign body who is not a menber of the kitchen crew to come into the kitchen environment  unpurpose.

Periodically at Bendel Catering Services we organise food safety serminar for all our staffs and contract staffs, and regular review of the company food safety policy is regularly considered on such occasions

Bendel Catering Services have zero telorance toward any staff who fails to adhere strictly toward the company food safety policy as such staffs are immediately dismis.

Over the years providing safe and healthy food for our highly esteem custormers as always been our gaols, and we are proud of the sucesses recorded so far.

You safe eating from our well prepared meals and you will always be!
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